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Tuesday, April 5

4:00 p.m.6:00 p.m.

Welcome and Opening Keynote


Why We Love to Hate HR...and What HR Can Do About It

Recent complaints about the HR function have touched a nerve in a large, sympathetic audience, particularly in the United States. The most vocal critics say that HR managers lack vision and strategic insight. One of traditional HR’s biggest difficulties has been supporting business strategy- a moving target these days- and conversely, HR is by nature a long-term play. This is a moment of enormous opportunity. By reconciling a long-term perspective with the immediate pressures that businesses face and focusing on the most effective programs, HR leaders can secure huge payoffs for their organizations. Peter Cappelli will discuss the kind of analytic counsel the “new HR” should provide, and how the right technology and strategy can help an HR organization deliver outstanding value against the overall business strategy.


Baylor Scott & White Health – a “Powered HR” Transformation Journey

Digital disruption and employee engagement are driving forces in today’s modern HR organization. As companies adapt, technology can be the strategic enabler to transform the HR function in a rapidly changing marketplace. During this session, Jackie Tischler, SVP of HR Operations, Performance Excellence, and Business Intelligence at Baylor Scott & White Health, will share the transformational journey her organization is undertaking with KPMG LLP to become the modern HR organization of tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 6

8:00 a.m.10:00 a.m.

HR Is Not An App


Culture, Engagement and the Cloud – How Macy’s is using a cultural shift to support the implementation of HCM

The top themes on the minds of CEOs and senior HR leaders today are culture and the employee experience.  Why?  The competition for top people is fierce, many skills are in scarce supply and we have entered a world in which transparency and open feedback are expected. Today, the employment brand of companies is available for everyone to see, and can be shaped even before their first day on the job.

Fueled by a variety of exciting new tools, culture and the employee experience have become and will continue to be strategic business priorities for organizations to win the war for Talent.  This keynote presentation will highlight current trends in culture and engagement and ways to impact culture positively in your organization.  We will also discuss how Macy’s is leveraging innovation, digital technology and industry leading practices enabled by Oracle HCM Cloud solution to build an HR organization of the future focused on these themes.

This presentation is intended for HR business representatives who are seeking to better understand how culture and the employee experience provides value to their organizations and enables them to move the needle in a competitive marketplace.



Who Are the Originals? Lessons Learned From the People Who Champion Novel Ideas and Build Cultures of Non-Conformity

Adam Grant will share the key findings and themes from his blockbuster new book, Originals. He will explore how we can all get better at advancing new ideas and how leaders can fight groupthink. Using surprising studies and examples, Grant will explore how to recognize a good idea, speak up without getting silenced, build a coalition of allies, choose the right time to act, and manage fear and doubt; and how leaders can shape cultures that welcome dissent and unleash originality.

Thursday, April 7

1:30 p.m.3:00 p.m.


Inspiring the Next Generation Workforce

Debbie Sterling is the founder and CEO of GoldieBlox, a toy company that empowers girls with the skillsets to build anything they want. Sterling graduated from Stanford University with a degree in mechanical engineering and product design but was bothered by how few other women there were in her program. As a result, Debbie became obsessed with the notion of "disrupting the pink aisle.” As an engineer and entrepreneur, Sterling will share how she created a toy to help young girls develop spatial awareness and basic engineering skills, overcame rejections from industry insiders, and how she ultimately developed her own prototype and leveraged the power of crowdfunding to ensure her vision would succeed. As an employer, Sterling will also share thoughts on her own HR strategies, and why we should all be concerned with providing the talent development and skillsets to guarantee that a more diverse, empowered, and creative workforce brings us into the future.

Keynote Speakers


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Peter Cappelli

George W. Taylor Professor of Management at The Wharton School and Director of Wharton’s Center for Human Resources

Peter Cappelli is the George W. Taylor Professor of Management at The Wharton School and Director of Wharton’s Center for Human Resources. He is also a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, MA, served as Senior Advisor to the Kingdom of Bahrain for Employment Policy from 2003-2005, and since 2007 is a Distinguished Scholar of the Ministry of Manpower for Singapore. He has degrees in industrial relations from Cornell University and in labor economics from Oxford where he was a Fulbright Scholar. He has been a Guest Scholar at the Brookings Institution, a German Marshall Fund Fellow, and a faculty member at MIT, the University of Illinois, and the University of California at Berkeley. He was a staff member on the U.S. Secretary of Labor’s Commission on Workforce Quality and Labor Market Efficiency from 1988-’90, Co-Director of the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center on the Educational Quality of the Workforce, and a member of the Executive Committee of the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center on Post-Secondary Improvement at Stanford University. Professor Cappelli has served on three committees of the National Academy of Sciences and three panels of the National Goals for Education. He was recently named by HR Magazine as one of the top 5 most influential management thinkers, by NPR as one of the 50 influencers in the field of aging, and was elected a fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources. He received the 2009 PRO award from the International Association of Corporate and Professional Recruiters for contributions to human resources. He served on Global Agenda Council on Employment for the World Economic Forum and a number of advisory boards.

Professor Cappelli’s recent research examines changes in employment relations in the U.S. and their implications. These publications The New Deal at Work: Managing the Market-Driven Workforce, which examines the decline in lifetime employment relationships, Talent Management: Managing Talent in an Age of Uncertainty, which outlines the strategies that employers should consider in developing and managing talent (named a “best business book” for 2008 by Booz-Allen), and The India Way: How India’s Top Business Leaders are Revolutionizing Management (with colleagues), which describes a mission-driven and employee-focused approach to strategy and competitiveness. His 2012 book Managing the Older Work (with Bill Novelli) dispels myths about older workers and describes how employers can best engage them. Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs identifies shortfalls with current hiring practices and training practices and has been excerpted in Time Magazine (online) and reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, and most major business publications. Will College Pay Off? explores the relationship between college degrees and jobs, identifying the factors that determine whether investments in college degrees will lead to good jobs. It was reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and excerpts appeared in Time Magazine, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, and other publications. Related work on managing retention, electronic recruiting, and changing career paths appears in the Harvard Business Review where the article Why We Love to Hate HR was the cover story of the August,2015 issue.

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Lisa Massman

Principal, HR Transformation and Strategy


Lisa is a principal in KPMG’s Advisory Services practice with more than 20 years of experience teaming with C level executives and business and technology leadership to transform and optimize their HR and Financial business processes through the enablement of complex enterprise technologies. She has a deep understanding of the Oracle PeopleSoft Human Capital and Financial Management solutions including functional and business process experience through all aspects of the system development life cycle.

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Jackie Tischler

Senior Vice President HR Operations & Performance Excellence

Baylor Scott & White Health

Jackie is a Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Baylor Scott and White Health with responsibility for HR Technology, Business Intelligence, HR Service Center Operations, Strategic Workforce Planning, and Employee Health.  Throughout her career, she has worked in operational and HR roles focused on transforming current operations.  Jackie is a Certified Public Accountant with an undergraduate degree in Accounting from Oklahoma State University, and a Masters of Health Care Administration from Trinity University.

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Adam Grant

Professor of Management, The Wharton School

We all know that hard work, talent and luck play a role in success. But as the world of work becomes more connected through the growth of teams, changes to the service sector and the prevalence of social media, we need new skills to excel in networking, collaborating, talent management, persuasion and negotiating. Adam Grant, Wharton’s youngest tenured professor and highest-rated faculty member, explores this paradigm shift in the workplace in his book, Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best seller. In his forthcoming book, Originals: How Nonconformists Move the World Forward (February, 2016), Grant examines how people can drive creative, moral and organizational progress and how leaders can encourage originality in their organizations. Named one of the world’s 40 best business professors under 40, one of Businessweek’s favorite professors, and one of Malcolm Gladwell’s favorite social science writers, Adam Grant is a leading expert on how organizations can motivate employees, develop talent and align teams to achieve success.

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Debbie Sterling

Founder and CEO


Debbie Sterling is the Founder and CEO of GoldieBlox, an award winning company on a mission to ‐"disrupt the pink aisle" with toys, games, and media for girls. Debbie is an engineer, entrepreneur, and one of the leaders in the movement toward getting girls interested in science, technology, engineering, and math. She was named TIME’s "Person of the Moment,” Business Insider’s "30 Women Who Are Changing the World,” and was recently added to Fortune Magazine’s prestigious “40 Under 40” list. In early 2015, Debbie was inducted as a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship and honored by the National Women’s History Museum with a “Living Legacy” Award for her work to empower girls around the world. Debbie received her degree in Engineering at Stanford University in 2005 and currently lives with her husband in San Francisco.

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William Tompkins

SVP, HR & Total Rewards

Macy's, Inc.

Bill is responsible for Macy’s Total Rewards and HR Systems and Service Delivery strategies, HQ HR organization, and Associate and Labor Relations for the 175,000+ employee Omnichannel retailer.

Prior to joining the company, Bill led Total Rewards and Global Mobility for The Coca-Cola Company based in Atlanta, GA.

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Erica Volini

HR Transformation​ Leader

Deloitte Consulting LLP

As the leader of Deloitte Consulting's HR Transformation practice, Erica Volini is responsible for the overall strategy, financial performance, and delivery of HR transformation services across the US. Throughout her career, she has worked with organizations to determine how best to deliver HR services that enable global growth and drive enhanced profitability. She has led global HRT projects involving Workday, SAP/SuccessFactors, and Oracle. Volini also serves on Deloitte’s Board Advisory Council.

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Mark Hurd

Chief Executive Officer


Executive Biography

Mark Hurd is chief executive officer of Oracle Corporation and a member of the company’s board of directors. He joined Oracle in 2010, bringing more than 30 years of technology industry leadership, computer hardware expertise, and executive management experience to his role with the company. Hurd is also a member of the Baylor University Board of Regents.

Corporate Direction and Strategy

Mark Hurd oversees the corporate direction and strategy for Oracle's global field operations, including sales, support, consulting, marketing, and alliances and channels. He focuses on strategy, leadership, innovation, and customers. Says Mr. Hurd, "It's our job as a company to help our customers save money and innovate."

Before joining Oracle, Mark Hurd served as Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, and President of HP, where his focus on customers, innovation, improved operational efficiency, and execution led to significant company growth. Prior to that, he spent 25 years at NCR Corporation, where he held a variety of management, operations, sales, and marketing roles, ultimately serving as the company's Chief Executive Officer and President and leading a successful effort to improve operational efficiency, strengthen the product line, and drive growth.

Since joining Oracle, Mark Hurd has worked to share Oracle's strategy and vision with customers, partners, shareholders, and investors. "Our strategy is complete stack, open, best-of-breed at every single layer of the architecture," he says. "We vertically integrate those best-of-breed pieces for extreme performance and total-cost-of-ownership benefit to give you differentiation. Our products are designed to be the best technology at every single layer of the stack, and then be vertically integrated. We want to give customers choices for how they access that technology—on premises, building a private cloud, using a public cloud, or a hybrid cloud combination. It's your choice how you get access to all of this technology."

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Gretchen Alarcon

Group Vice President, Human Capital Management Strategy


Gretchen Alarcon is Vice President, Human Capital Management (HCM) Strategy at Oracle, where she leads the strategy team responsible for Oracle HCM Cloud applications. Ms. Alarcon has spent most of her career in HCM. She was an HR practitioner at National Semicondicutor, Ford and Silicon Graphics. While at Icarian, she transitioned to product strategy.

In the early 2000s, she joined PeopleSoft, and stayed through its acquisition by Oracle. For the last eight years she has led the strategy team for Oracle’s HCM Cloud applications, a complete suite of products focused on providing new solutions for Modern HR.

Ms. Alarcon holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan and a B.A. in American Studies from Stanford University.